What’s going on with Sister Cabamongan

Did Sister Cabamongan ride in the pouch of a kangaroo? Did she get attacked by a stingray? Did she meet Hugh Jackman? Did she baptize all of Chinatown? If you want to find out, check out this blog. I made this blog so you can know what’s going on with me on the mission. I will have my family post my emails on here. Expect a new post weekly.

Even though you’ll know what’s going on with me, this doesn’t give you an excuse not to write me! I would LOVE to know what’s going on with you. Seriously! I would deeply appreciate letters/emails. My contact information will be found under the “Contact Me” section.

My next post probably won’t be until I’m in the Missionary Training Center (MTC). There’s a chance I might write a post right before I leave for Utah or before I enter the MTC. Stay posted! That’s all I have to say…for now. Over and out. 再见 (meaning goodbye/see you again in Mandarin Chinese).

Your one and only,

Stefanie Cabamongan

(seriously…no one else has this name)


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