August 6, 2013

I probably shouldn’t be on here since I’m technically a full-time missionary, but I feel like writing on this is the same as writing an email. I haven’t gone on my Facebook since like noon this past Wednesday, so I haven’t been able to respond/read anybody’s messages. And I’m not planning on going on Facebook until after my mission. So, I am really sorry if I don’t respond.

I’m a full-time missionary! I feel a lot sharper both mentally and physically. I also feel more receptive to the Holy Ghost. I thought I was going to struggle giving up entertainment, but it wasn’t a problem once I was set apart. It’s a miracle.

Utah has been good. It feels weird though being in Utah not for school, but for entering the MTC. It also feels weird that not all of my roommates and friends are in Provo. It was nice though running into and meeting up with people I know, especially with my old roommates. During these past couple of days, I have grown to understand that our love for places usually stems from our love for the people there. It’s just not the same without them.

Mom and I went up to Provo a week before I enter the MTC. Mom and I have been doing a lot of shopping and eating. I think me and my mom’s biggest happening was going to Bear Lake. Mom drove from Provo to Logan, which is the easiest part of the drive since we were on the freeway that whole stretch. I drove from Logan to Bear Lake, which was probably the craziest driving I have ever done. Going 60 MPH on winding back-country roads with people tailgating me was definitely an adventure. It was a shame that we only stopped at Bear Lake for 20 minutes. We weren’t very smart going to Bear Lake on a Saturday during the summer. That place was jam packed! We even crossed the boarder to Idaho trying to find a good place to stop, but that area didn’t have any good beach access.  That place is definitely one of the most gorgeous places I have been to in Utah. It’s like a mix of Hawaii and Galilee.

So far, I have gained a testimony of submitting completely to the Lord’s will. I know that if we do, we will never go wrong. For me, I know that I am submitting to the Lord’s will by going on a full-time mission. I just need to continue doing what’s right and following the Holy Ghost.

I’d write more about my adventures, but I don’t really have time. Still busy with getting ready for the MTC. You’ll hear more from me when I’m in the MTC. Peace out!


First day in Utah. Provo Temple.


From the Provo Temple


Hawaii? Nope. Bear Lake, Utah.


Bear Lake from the lookout.


Attempted hike to Squaw Peak. We were supposed to hike all the way at the tip of the mountain to the right of April’s head. We saw how steep the trail was and we were like “Naaahhh!” And then were turned around.


Texas Roadhouse with the Freshman roommates.


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