Nimen Hao!

Thanks for all of the emails! Dad, thanks for sending me the package! I got it this past Friday. Thanks for all of the clothes and the goodies and everything else. So I forgot to specify that my iPod is not supposed to have internet connection, so I think I’m going to send it back. I don’t want all of my companions looking at me funny for having an iTouch. I’ll be shipping a ton of stuff back home since I have to fit 20 lbs. worth of books in my luggage. You don’t have to send me anymore clothes, but thanks though. If I were to pay you back, would you buy me an iPod nano? I’d buy it in Australia, but it would be a lot more expensive. Get me the one that is the normal size as an iPod nano, not that iPod nano that is the size of a shuffle. Please and thank you!
Matt, thanks for the scripture! This is just what I needed! You should all send me more inspirational sciptures/quotes via DearElder, while I’m still in the MTC. It’s nice to have a physical copy of them since I can only read emails for an hour. Mom, I’m doing well. We don’t find out if we get our visas to Australia until a couple of days before our flight. But, I do get my travel plans to Australia sometime this week. So I read your DearElder letter.
Anyways, two more weeks in the MTC! The MTC is getting emptier and emptier by the weeks. It is starting to seem like a ghost town. There would be a ton of empty classrooms. They still have the West Campus people. I heard the missionaries over there would have their classes on BYU campus. I’m kind of jealous of them. I still see quite a bit of people I know here on the main campus though. My companion is doing great. She is an amazing companion to have. I am super grateful that she is going to be in the same mission as me. She found out though that the Church headquarters did not get any of her visa application stuff, so she’s going to be reassigned for sure. I have no idea if I am going to get my visa on time or not. Health-wise, I’ve been doing good. My knees have been feeling weird again, but it’s only because I’m sitting down for hours at a time.
So this Saturday for the Relief Society Broadcast, I am for sure performing in the choir. I’ll be singing 1st Soprano. Look for me! I am officially released as sister training leader. My former district leader wanted to make me district leader though hehe. Except that’s illegal for a sister missionary. My district keeps calling me “Nai Nai Jie Mei,” which means Sister Grandma. I’m the oldest in my district so they like picking on me. No big deal.
I found out that I can call you all before I fly out, so I’ll let you know the details to when I’m leaving and everything like that. I definitely do not feel ready for the, at least language-wise. There’s this quote that my teacher told me. I forgot if I wrote it to you all in my previous emails, but I’ll say it again anyways. “English-speaking missionaries become fluent in the gospel. Spanish-speaking missionaries become fluent in the gospel and the language. Chinese-speaking missionaries become fluent in humility.” So true. My district determined that we are all probably the most prideful people in the MTC. That’s why we were all sent Mandarin Chinese speaking so that we can be humbled.
Here’s some pictures. Those elders are all the elders in my district. The sisters below are all the ones in my district. I’m with Sister Kilinoe Requilman. That was the day that it was hailing in Provo. There has been really weird weather in Provo these past couple of weeks. There were quite a bit of storms. There was also this one day when the icky stuff from the bottom of Utah Lake rose to the top, so there was this bad stench that lasted all night. It smelt like somebody set off a stink bomb. I was surprised that we could smell it from all the way from the MTC.
But other than that, everything has been good. Something that stuck out that I learned is that enduring to the end means continually being converted. It means striving to devote our whole life to the Lord. We need to continue going up from here. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it in the eternities.
I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well. Keep in touch! Thank you all so much for your support. I’ll definitely be praying for all of you.
Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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