Jiating Hao!

It’s good to hear from all of you. Thanks for all of the words and encouragement and advice from all of you. Mom, I now know what store your talking about.  This decision is all up to you though. Matt, I got your Tao poetry. It’s pretty deep. Some of them I’m still trying to interpret, but I really like them. Keep sending me this kind of stuff. Dad, I’m glad you were able to see me at the Relief Society broadcast. I didn’t get skinnier. It’s just a large shirt. Did you all watch me?
Everyone in my district except for me and another elder going to Brisbane got their travel plans or were told they are being re-assigned. They told me that I will be getting my travel plans tonight and whether or not I got my visa in the next couple of days. I think I’m going to shoot you a quick email when I find out. This may be my last (lengthy) email to you all from the MTC. I will be able to call from the airport, so stay close to the phone at the time I’m supposed to be flying out.
This MTC experience has been a great one. I love my district. Both the sisters and the elders have been such great examples to me, despite the elders acting like crazy teenagers most of the time. They have deep insights and they can really bring the Spirit into the class if they wanted to. They have grown so much since day one. Even though they are all younger than me, I learned so much from them. I’m going to miss them once we all go our separate ways.
I loved singing at the Relief Society broadcast. I felt like I was able to sing my feelings out. I felt like these songs were prayers to the Lord. I meant every single word that I sang, especially in “More Holiness Give Me.” When I was looking out to the crowd, I knew that I was meant to be on my mission the time that I’m supposed to. The Lord was aware of me and I felt like He wanted me to be at the Relief Society broadcast. I felt like I was converted a little bit more through this experience.
My teacher, Xiao Laoshi, mentioned something that I never realized before. She quoted Moroni 8:16: “I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear.” I learned the reason to why we don’t fear when we have perfect love. The more we love someone, the more willing we are to do anything for them. We won’t let fear hold us back from doing something good for the ones we love. I am hoping I can apply this on my mission. I hope that I will have a greater love for the Lord so that I won’t feel fear in doing His work. If there’s anything I develop on the mission, I hope it’s a greater love for my Savior and my neighbor. 
My other teacher, Meng Laoshi, interpreted an idea from Exodus 3 that I really liked. He said that Moses’ holy ground was where he saw the burning bush and spoke to the Lord. He took us to where he learned while he was in the MTC and told us that that was his holy ground. It made me think about all of the places that I have gone and the conversion I experienced at these places. It made me think about my Jerusalem Center experience last summer. The campus, Jerusalem, Galilee. These were all places that I came closer to the Savior. I hope that I can remember “my holy grounds” so that I can remember who I have become. I hope that I can build from there.
Something that has been sticking out to me this whole MTC experience is that I can’t afford to have one foot in the world and another foot in the mission. I won’t be a full-time missionary if I do this. Somebody said that if we waste one hour a day from the start of the mission, we will be wasting a whole month’s work as a missionary. This scared me. I hope that I can stay focused on my purpose as a missionary from now on. I hope that I won’t let things that don’t matter now bog me down. I need to be diligent. It’s then that the Lord will bless me with His power. I need to earn the Lord’s power. I hope that I can be worthy enough to do so.
Anyways, this may be my last email from the MTC. Send me DearElder letters while you can this upcoming week. Hope you all are doing well. Keep me updated with your life. Love you all!
Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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