Nimen hao!

Kai wan xiao (meaning just kidding). I thought last week’s email was going to be my last email to you all before I leave the MTC. I lied. I’ll be flying out Wednesday. I leave the MTC at noon, that is, if the MTC doesn’t tell me last minute that I didn’t get my visa. If that is the case, I’ll email you ASAP. If not, assume that I’ll be flying out. I’ll also be shipping you a package of stuff that I don’t need for the mission field. Keep all that stuff safe. I’m going to use it when I get back. I’ll ship it later on today, so expect something by the end of this week or by next.
I’m definitely going to miss the MTC. I started crying when I was teaching my last lesson to “my investigator,” Mao Jie Mei. The lesson didn’t even start and I was crying. I’ll probably be crying a lot on my mission if this is going to be a trend. Before every transfer, I’m going to be crying saying goodbye to everybody I met. I’m hoping it’s a sign of showing how much I care about everybody I have been meeting. 
Saying goodbye to my district has been tough too. Sister Conor, Sister Elliott, and Elder Sherman already left early this morning. Our classroom is just not the same. It was actually really depressing sitting there with only a couple of us. After going to the temple today, I felt a lot more comforted. I felt like I was ready to leave. I was reassured that the work that I’m going to be doing in the mission field is going to be much greater than what I am doing in the MTC.
My conference weekend was great. It went by a lot faster than I expected. Yesterday was awesome. We watched General Conference and then right after had our departure devotional. We then had Sunday night devotional. At first I wasn’t looking forward to watching Sunday devotional just because we sat for 5 hours listening to talks. We ended up having Vocal Point (BYU’s famous men’s accapela group) perform for us. It was actually super uplifting. Members of the group gave really insightful spiritual thoughts. I could tell that they were amazing missionaries. 
Anyways, there’s a ton of other things that I have to do via email, so this email to you all is going to be a bit shorter. I hope you all are doing well. I miss you all! Love you! Choose the right. Be willing to make the necessary sacrifices that the Lord wants you to make. Sacrifice your will for His will. I’ll be calling you all.
Song Jie Mei
Here’s some pictures. The first picture is with my district and our teachers. The next picture is of our whole district before we all go our separate ways. The next one is of me pointing to my mission.

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