Dajia hao!

Thanks for all of the emails! I was glad to talk to you all on Christmas day. Heaps went on this past week. Sister Jensen got sick the weekend before Christmas. She threw up everytime she ate and drank. It was really bad. We had to drive way out of out area to Ipswitch on Monday to see the doctor. This whole transfer, we went out of our area at least once a week. We went to the city quite a bit. We also accidently drove outside of our zone. We blamed it on the elders because they forgot to put gas in the car and we running on empty. The GPS took us to a gas station out of EMP zone and into Logan zone.

She got better instantly, but then this past weekend, I got the same stomach virus as her. I had to stay in and stop the work this past Friday and Saturday. I only threw up once, but I struggled eating. I didn’t eat real food for three days. It was the worse I have felt in a while. I only got my real appetite back just yesterday. 

Last week on Christmas Eve, we had a ABM Christmas party all day long. All of the missionaries were there except for the Northern Zone. It was huge. There’s heaps of pictures on the ABM blog: http://www.australiabrisbanemission.com/. Rarely do mission presidents have a mission wide Christmas party. It was the best. I even got a picture of the whole Mandarin Chinese program. That’s all of the Mandarin-speaking missionaries of the ABM. We hung out with each other the whole time. I can’t wait to get the big group picture of all of the missionaries in the ABM. I’ll send it to you all once I get it. 

But yeah, this is the start of transfer 3 in the ABM. So transfer meeting just happened like an hour ago. Me, Sister Jensen, and Sister Chen are staying companions, so we couldn’t go to the meeting. Apparently, one of the new assistants to the president is a Mandarin-speaking missionary. We were all shocked. We are going to have seven Mandarin-speaking missionaries in the EMP ward now. There will be two companionships of elders and the three of us. We now share a car with the EMP English elders, which is going to be a lot more stressful because we are never in the same area. They also live really far from as well. I liked sharing with the Chinese elders because we can ask the Chinese elders a minute before we need the car and we can just pick it up from the office. Oh yeah, I’ll still be the designated driver until Sister Jensen gets her license. She has to fill our paperwork and stuff, so I still might be driving most of this transfer.

But yeah, I’m excited for everything this next transfer. This next transfer, we have 3 solid baptisms that are going to happen. They are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. It’s going to be an awesome start to the new year.

Keep in touch you all. Have a safe and happy new year. Hope the best for you all. Can’t wait to read your emails next week! Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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