Dajia hao!

Haha, I hope you enjoyed my rant in the email that I sent you right before this one. That’s kind of how I have been feeling these past two transfers. I feel like I need to do a lot of repenting for having those feelings though. 

I feel like I have a lot of regrets from this past transfer. I didn’t hard yakka as hard as I could have (“hard yakka” means to “work hard”). I didn’t help develop our companionship unity. I didn’t help my companions grow as much as they could have this past transfer. I lost focus of what matters most in the mission. I have one more week left of the transfer. I hope that I won’t make this week as bad as other weeks from this transfer. Yeah, I have lots of repenting to do.
I didn’t handle this transfer well. I hope that next transfer I will make up for my lack of action. In my email next week, I’ll let you know if I am still in EMP, if my companions got transferred, etc. I am so excited to find out what will happen for next transfer. I think next transfer will be a lot better. 

GQing has been a little bit more successful. I have been doing a lot more testifying more than I have been socializing. Also, I found a guy from China who has been struggling with life. I told him that this church can help him whatever his challenges are. He said that he was willing to meet with us. I also met a guy from India that was taught by Sister Chen, Sister Ng, and Sister Pangue. At the bus stop, I taught him the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon. He was willing to learn more about our church. When we were supposed to meet, he ended up bailing though. I wonder if it is because his family did not want him to meet with us. His mom picked him up as we were talking, so she probably asked about why I was talking to him.

Here’s some pictures. The first one is from a Chinese New Year’s celebration with the Chinese members. We ate Malaysian food that Brother and Sister Song made. It was delicious. There are a couple of the members and all of the Chinese missionaries in our ward/district. The other picture is from last night when all of us were waiting for Elder Williams interviewing Tony to be baptized. That’s our office. The other two pictures are from Sisters’ Conference. The first picture is of all of the Chinese sisters and Sister Linda. Sister Linda is in our zone. She’s from Indonesia. The other picture is of all of the sisters in the ABM. You should all check out the website: http://www.australiabrisbanemission.com. There’s a picture of me and part of my zone during the on the road interviews with President and Sister Henderson.

Stay strong everybody. I’m sorry that I haven’t been a good example of staying strong. I need to use the Lord and His Atonement a lot more. I know that it is through the Atonement we can become someone so much greater. I give you all that challenge to use the Atonement to a higher degree. I know that you will see a change in yourselves. Always remember Jesus Christ and what He has done for you all. Remember that this is His work, not ours. Love you all! Keep in touch. Happy Chinese New Years!

Song Jie Mei

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