Nimen hao!

Oh my head! Transfers always throws me for a loop! Here’s what happened: Sister Chen got transferred to the city. Me, Sister Lai (my first companion in the field), and Sister Jensen are companions. There are now four Chinese companionships in EMP. One companionship came from Gold Cost. The assistant to the president became our zone leader. Our companionship are now full-time bike, which is lame. Crazy stuff! 

I feel like these past couple of days I was really humbled. I was shocked to hear that Sister Chen was leaving EMP. We would joke with her having “eternal life in Sunnybank.” That was definitely false doctrine. I was skeptical about how the next transfer was going to go. It was when Sister Chen bore her testimony to one of our members that I felt reassured that everything that will happen next transfer is what the Lord wants. Sister Chen said that Christ blesses us with difficulties and hardships because He knows that we can overcome them. I know that this transfer is going to be a hard transfer. I know that there are so much challenges that the Lord wants me to overcome while I am here in the EMP area. I feel like this is the transfer to overcome all of them. This transfer is going to be a growing experience. 

Yesterday was the first day of the transfer and it turned out to be a really good day. Usually, GQing is tough on Mondays. I was able to get a potential investigator for a first time in a while (actually it is like a week or two). It was cool because she wasn’t interested at first. She already joined a Canadian church. We talked for 15 minutes. She had a 2 month old baby with her. I talked to her about having eternal families and a bunch of other stuff. After that, she was interested in meeting with us. Those are the times I am really grateful that it takes a while for the buses to come. 

Here’s something I really liked from my personal study. It’s from Moroni 7:9, “And likewise also is it counted evil unto a man, if he shall pray and not with real intent of heart; yea, and it profiteth him nothing, for God receiveth none such.” It made me think about more than just prayer, but everything we do. We need to put our heart into everything we do, especially in the Lord’s work. If we don’t, it will all be in vain. I felt like last transfer I was the missionary that didn’t have my heart as much as it could have been in the work. Everything was so routine, so I let myself get complacent. We went to the same bus stop every week for 20-25 hours. It was bad. I am hoping that even if things are routine, I hope that I won’t just go into autopilot doing the work. I hope that my mind and my heart will be more active in the Lord’s work. This is something I want to challenge you all to do. Do everything with real intent, with real heart. The Lord will accept what you do if you put love into it.
Here’s some more pictures. The first picture is a bunch of us after doing baptisms for the dead. It was Arash, Matthew, and Elizabeth’s first time. It was a special, yet hilarious experience. You can tell it was their first time doing baptisms. The other picture is of a pawsome (I don’t know how to spell it) at our GQing spot. The other picture is of our whole district from yesterday. They all said goodbye to Sister Chen. The picture below is of Sister Chen shoving the cookies that she got from Elder Williams up her skirt. Sister Jensen was going to beat Sister Chen up for them but then Sister Chen did that. Elder Williams promised to give Sister Chen cookies since she agreed to give a training in district meeting. She ended up not giving it because we had zone meeting instead.

I love you all! It’s crazy to think I’m coming back in less than year. I am already 1/3 through my mission. Time flies. I feel like there is still so much people to help and so much things to learn. But yeah, keep following the Lord’s will. Keep doing the small and simple things. Great blessings will come as a result. Email you next week!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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