Dajia hao!

We smashed it this week with key indicators. We contacted 275 people this past week. We also got 7 potential investigators. Just by calling through numbers last night, we got 3 more potentials that will count for this upcoming week. We did not have this much success since the transfer before. I feel like having a new companion to the area brings more energy in the companionship. I also felt like a real missionary when we rode our bikes to teach somebody that said they were interested in learning about Christ in Chinese. We met her at the same house where we were trying to find one of our visiting teachees, Elaine. When we went their a second time, we ended up finding Elaine. We found out she will be moving the day after we found her. It was a miracle that we were able to find her before she moved. She told us though that the elders a couple days ago just helped her moved. The elders didn’t even tell us that they have been helping Elaine. It would have saved us a lot of trouble if they knew her phone number and just given it to us.

I notice that the most solid people I GQ at the bus stop are people that I have to refer to other missionaries. There’s this family from Congo that I would talk to most nights at the bus stop. They have only been here for a couple of months. They live in the Brisbane zone, so I will not be able to teach them the whole time. I am planning on meeting with them though and then I will give them to the missionaries up in Brisbane. Every time I talk to them, I can tell they are going to accept this gospel. They are so humble and they have such a strong spirit about them. This is a family of 16 siblings. I am so excited about what will come from this. 

Our companionship unity has been pretty good so far. I think it’s because we laugh a lot. Also, we have been working a lot harder compared to other weeks. We’ve been seeing a lot of success. Here’s a really good book that I feel like everyone should use even if they are not a missionary: “Adjusting to Missionary Life.” I think it is a book that you can only get in the mission field, but if you can find it, you should all definitely follow that suggestions. It’s way good. It helps with coping with stress, emotional, physical, and spiritual demands. It’s great. I only started reading it now. I wish I read it since transfer 1.

We went to bishop’s house last night for dinner. They went to Hawaii this past Christmas season. They talked about going to Matsumoto’s, eating malasada’s, going to Pipeline, etc. They got me home sick for Hawaii. Mei guanxi (meaning “no problem”). I’ll be coming back in less than a year.

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is an inside joke within my companionship. I’m not sure if I can thoroughly explain it. The next picture is of Sister Lai trying to eat my Pokemon. I put that Pokemon key chain on my planner. I think I have the cutest planner in the mission field now. The next picture is with Tony. We thought we weren’t going to be teaching him anymore because he lives near the city. But then right after he told us that he’ll probably be moving to EMP/Sunnybank area. The next picture is right after riding our bikes.

Here’s something that really stuck out to me throughout the day yesterday. It’s difficult understanding God’s will for each of us individually. We all are headed to the same place: the celestial kingdom, but our routes are all different. The Lord has a different individual plan for each of us. We need to be so receptive and so in tune with the Spirit if we want to know what that individual plan is for us. I started thinking about this when I read the story of Alma and Amulek, especially the part with the woman and children burning to death. The Spirit constrained Alma and Amulek from saving them. Through the Spirit, they also knew that it wasn’t their time to die. After they got that prompting, they were still tortured for many days. It’s crazy to think how in tune with the Spirit and how much trust they needed to have. If I were in these situations, I might have doubted these promptings. I might have thought it was Satan constraining me from saving the woman and children. I might have doubted that I’ll survive if I were being tortured. It takes so much faith and trust to have followed these promptings. It takes so much to understand what the Lord wants of us, especially if it’s something that is out of the ordinary. He knows what will get each person individually to the celestial kingdom. We all will receive personal revelation to understand how to get there. It’s through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can return to live with God again, but we will all endure to the end in different ways.

Thank you for all of your support! You all are the best! Love you all! Choose the right. Stay receptive to the Holy Ghost. Know God’s will for each of you individually.

Song Jie Mei

Sister Cabamongan


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