Dajia hao!

I have been witnessing heaps of miracles this past week.

My favorite miracle is about a man named Mokwa. He is originally from Congo. Him and his family of 15 siblings moved to Australia just 3 months ago. I met him last transfer late at night at the Sunnybank bus stop. When I GQed him, I could tell that he was prepared to accept this gospel. The Spirit told me so. I referred him since he lived out of the EMP area. Mokwa texts me last week asking how I am doing. I asked if the missionaries met with him or contacted him. He said no. We ended up setting up an appointment with him to meet in the Sunnybank office. In our first meeting for an hour, he talked about how God and Jesus Christ were one person. He was so determined this was true. We rarely got a word in in that hour. During that whole hour though, I really felt prompted that we need to meet with him again so that we can actually teach him what we had to say. I asked if we could meet with him again the day after. He agreed. After the lesson, my companions were upset with me. They thought their was no way that Mokwa is going to accept what we have to say. That whole day there was contention between me and my companions about that. They wanted me to cancel the appointment. I was determined not to cancel it because I know that this prompting came from the Spirit.

The time came when we taught him. I started teaching him from the Great Apostasy to the restoration of the church. Surprisingly, he accepted everything we had to say. When we mentioned Joseph Smith, he already accepted him as a man of God. He read about Joseph Smith in a book about inspired people in the United States. He even told us that he is excited to get truth from the Book of Mormon. He told us that he will pray before he reads the Book of Mormon to know if it true. He said this before we even extended the commitment. He even said that he’ll join our church if the Book of Mormon is true. Me and my companions were all in shock. I am glad I followed that prompting. We ended up referring him to the elders that were supposed to teach him. The reason that the elders didn’t contact him is because they lost the paper where they wrote the information.

Another miracle is that we ate super good food all week long. On Thursday, a super jolly, old Hong Kong man that we met the other day invited us to dinner while we were GQing. He spent $115 on us. We ate a 6 course meal. It was prime. We then went to a wedding reception on Friday for Eric and Lillith. They are both from China. They were converted to the church here in Australia. We were only allowed to be there for an hour so we weren’t able to eat the food over there. One of the members came over to the flat and gave us some leftovers. On Sunday we had two big meals. We had a Chinese program lunch party after stake conference. We then had dinner with a family. 

Here’s some pictures: The first one is of me and my companions at the wedding reception. The second one is of Eric and Lillith. The third one is at the Cantonese restaurant. The fourth one is from the after stake conference party. 

Yeah I don’t have that much time with emailing today because we are going to go laser tagging pretty soon. There’s heaps more miracles to talk about, but maybe I’ll mention them next week. Next week I am going to the temple, so I will be emailing you all on Wednesday. Keep developing your faith. Do what is right. The Lord is on your side. I love you all.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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