Dajia hao!

This week was so hard, yet it was so great! We had 7 member present lessons and 7 other lessons. It was a pretty impressive ratio. We also got another person on baptismal date: Jimmy. He is so fresh from Taiwan. He has never seen missionaries before. He’s pretty much a blank canvas for us to work with. What made things hard was that we weren’t sure if the people that are on date for this Saturday will be prepared. We have three people who were supposed to be baptized on that day, but now I think there will only be one. It’s supposed to be Max, Tony, and Peter. I think it’s only going to be Max now.

Throughout the mission, I realized how real the power of God is. It wasn’t until this past week that I realized how real the power of Satan is. He is working hard on our investigators and their family and friends. Tony has a sincere desire, but he seems to not remember what we teach him. Peter has objections from his family. He also mentioned how his friend from China, who is a member of this church, doesn’t keep any of the commandments. They seem to lack the true order of priorities: 1) God, 2) family, 3) everything else. I taught Peter about this order. He told me that this order is “truth,” but it is not “reality.” That come back struck me. It made me think about how there is so many people who mix up there priorities, even within the church. I am hoping for myself and for Peter, that our “reality” will be first God, then family, and then everything else.

But yeah, I feel like this is going to be a really stressful transfer. It’ll be a great learning experience though.

It rained most of this past week. It made it hard to GQ at the bus stop. There were quite a bit of people who were not in the mood to talk to me. There also wasn’t as much people at the bus stop. We got zero potentials this past week, which is unheard of. We always get potentials. We need to step it up a bit if we want to see the success.

I just ran into this article on lds.org: https://www.lds.org/church/news/the-church-is-wonderfully-well-in-asia-elder-holland-reports?lang=eng. It’s about Elder Holland touring around Asia. He went to Taiwan, China (Beijing), Macau, and Hong Kong. The people we are baptizing are from all of these areas. It makes me so excited to hear of the progress of the church in their homeland of the members here in Brisbane, Australia. The work is definitely hastening among the Asians. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this hastening of the work in Asia. These people that we are baptizing are going to be the church pioneers of Asia. This is so exciting to witness!

I sent you eight pictures: Picture 1: Sunnybank bus stop. We spend more time there than at home. That’s Elder Santa Ana and Jane (a member). You can see Sister Jensen in the background GQing someone. I think I was GQing someone behind Elder Wood, who took the picture. Picture 2: At zone P-day on one of the rides at the park. Picure 3: Tina and Ida’s baptism. These elders taught them. They awesome members. Picture 4: At the farewell dinner for Elder Williams, Elder Tian, and Sister Jensen. Picture 5: At transfer meeting. My last picture with my last transfer’s companionship. Picture 6: Also at transfer meeting. Me, Sister Lai, and Sister Gong. Picture 7: With George for his first time doing baptisms for the dead. This is the George I GQed my first transfer in EMP. He has come a far ways from the first time I met him. He was so ready to accept the gospel when I met him though. Picture 8: Green curry that Elizabeth made. So good!

I am doing great though. Just doing my best to be as consecrated as I can be, which is super difficult. It’s crazy to think that I am almost half way done with my mission. I feel like there is so much more I have to do.

Good luck with everything back home. Strive to be exactly obedient. Love you all! Keep in touch!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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