Nimen hao!

I AM BACK IN RIVER TERRACE!!! I was born here and now I am back! I am so excited to be back in River Terrace 3! I am excited to use all of the skills that I learned in EMP here in the city. I am excited to GQ all of Queen Street and teach lessons on the street. I am so ready for the challenge.

I hope that I can be exactly obedient with the work. When me and Sister Lai were together in River Terrace, we would be breaking rules we didn’t even know we were breaking. I am excited to understand all of the rules of the ABM and follow them this time around.

I am also excited to serve with Sister Chen again. She is an amazing missionary and I am excited to see miracles unfold here in River Terrace.

I am really going to miss EMP though. There are such amazing people there. I love the people that I worked with. I am going to miss serving a long side the missionaries in that area. They have been amazing examples to me.

Here’s a couple pictures: The first picture is of us at my last correlation meeting with the EMP missionaries and the Brisbane Chinese leaders who are not even in our ward but they are posing in the picture. The next picture is at our regional Chinese meeting with all of the Chinese-speaking missionaries in the ABM and President and Sister Henderson. The next picture on the other email is at FHE last night with the Sauer family and Alvin. The next picture is of me driving the car to River Terrace. President Henderson finally gave River Terrace a car. They just gave me the car at transfer meeting and asked if I can drive it over there. So crack up! I missed the exit to get to our flat and I ended up going into the heart of Brisbane city. I drove into oncoming traffic, drove in a “bus only” lane, and almost rear-ended a car, all happening while we got lost. It was fun! Thank goodness Sister Chen has a lot of patience towards me.

VERY IMPORTANT: I can call you all on Mother’s Day next week! I think it will be a Saturday your time. I’m not sure if I am skyping or not. Probably calling will be easier. I’m just going to say that I will call you all on Mother’s Day at 6 p.m. (Australia time). You should probably email me your phone number/skype account, just in case. Well, I just talked to Sister Chen and we might be able to skype you all at a members house. Just try to be free around that time in Hawaii to that I can call/skype you all! 🙂

But yeah, I am running short on time because we had to run a lot of errands today. I’ll give you all more detailed emails next time since I get 3 hours of emailing again. Keep in touch! Talk to you all on mother’s day! Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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