Dajia hao!

I’ve been doing good. A lot of funny/difficult/annoying/miraculous things have happened since I have been back in River Terrace. Even though I was really sad to leave EMP, I can tell that I was meant to be back in River Terrace the time I am.

We have an investigator Michiko who is going through a lot of hard times in her life right now. I cannot believe all of the problems she is having right now all happened in just a few months. They range from school to family to boyfriend to car accident to chicken pox problems. It’s pretty ridiculous with the hand she is dealt. We go to visit her everyday. The good thing is that she now has a super strong desire to be baptized. Yesterday, she asked if she can get baptized today. She still needs to listen to all of the lessons and then she will be ready. Right now, we have 5 investigators with a baptismal date. These investigators are pretty solid. In the upcoming emails, I’ll be talking about all of them.

This past week Elder and Sister Hamula from the Seventy did a mission tour through the ABM. He taught some pretty deep and profound doctrine. I felt like he was smashing us with God’s word. I wanted to repent after being there. One thing that really stuck out is that there are a lot of Satan’s followers against each missionary. To one full-time missionary, there are thousands of Satan’s followers who were cast down from heaven to the earth. There are currently 80,000 missionaries and billions of Satan’s followers here. This is why there is so much opposition in this work. He also said that we need to completely let go of our desires and do God’s work. It’s so intense how missionary work is.

Something I have been worried about in EMP is that I didn’t grow as much as I have wanted to. After being there for 4 transfers, it was hard to see the progress I have made after all of that time. It really bothered me throughout my last transfer in EMP. After being here in River Terrace, I can tell that I have grown a lot since I was last in River Terrace transfers ago. It’s such a great feeling to be reassured by the Lord that I have grown. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I hope that I can be diligent as possible to grow even more. I’m excited to hard yakka until January! I know that these upcoming months are going to be the greatest months of my mission. I can feel it!

Thanks for everything. Keep posting my emails on the blog! This is also so I can refer to my blog after I get back from the mission. Also, do not censor my emails! Also, I am the only person in my flat who can drive so I need the license ASAP! The mission office told me that once it expires, it expires. Actually, Sister Chen has a license but I heard she is a scary driver. I think I am going to teach her how to drive once my license expires.

Keep in touch! I love you all! Keep following the Lord’s will! Email you next week!

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is after trade offs with the STLs. I stayed in River Terrace with Sister Lai, while Sister Chen went with Sister Fau. The next picture is at Thai Rose in Wooloogaba near to where we live. Me and Sister Lai were planning on celebrating our hump (9 month mark) together in EMP, but we were blessed to be reunited in River Terrace so we celebrated by eating Thai food. The next picture is of a big bird at the University of Queensland lakes. The next picture is a goofy one of me after trade offs. That’s our flat, by the way. All of the beds are in the living room so that we can have our own study rooms.


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