Nimen hao!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I’m getting old! “Miracle May” is winding to a close. That’s what President Henderson called this month.

I know that I did not work as hard as I could have this past week. I let people pass me by that I should have talked to. I need to build the courage to talk to EVERYONE. I hope that I can work even harder this week to overcome my weakness of being shy.

We were still able to see many miracles this past. We were able to get Maribel on date for June. She is a referral from a less-active that Sister Chen GQed on Queen Street. This made me have the desire to talk to everyone and not just the Chinese speakers. The EMP sisters referred us Archie who moved to St. Lucia. He is also on date for June. I am blessed to teach Archie again. We also had a lot more solid potentials that were able to meet this week. We also GQed quite a bit of people who were keen to meeting with us, but they just needed to find free time.

I can’t imagine how much more miracles we could have if we work even harder and strive for obedience. I am excited for what this week has in store for Sister Chen and I.

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is of me eating a boat of mushrooms for lunch. In the background, you can see Elder Han and Elder Tribe teaching Rebekah. The next picture is during companionship study. Sister Chen wanted to see how a pink bow would look on me. I was eating a Tim Tam at the same time. The next picture is a group picture of the northern zones mission tour meeting with President and Sister Hamula. I’m the one sitting on the ground in the pink.The next picture was when Sister Chen and I were waiting an hour and a half for our investigator to show up to the baptism. Our investigator’s phone was not working so we had to wait at the church building. This is a picture of the groom’s men carrying flags for wedding photos. We saw 3 wedding photo shoots going on across from the church and temple. If only they have known that they can be eternally married right across the street. The other picture is of the Brisbane temple. If you forgot, the church building that we meet in is right next to the temple.

Sorry for the short email. We have zone p-day in a little bit and we still have to run to the city to get some stuff before meeting with the zone. Keep in touch! Tell me what’s going on back home. Keep doing what’s right. Strive for diligence and exact obedience! If you do so, you will see heaps more blessings! Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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