Dajia hao!

Guess what? I will be staying in River Terrace another transfer…with Sister Chen. We were super stoked about that decision President Henderson made. Apparently, they decided to put the other River Terrace sisters in the Brisbane ward. Now they are the new Brisbane Chinese missionaries. We just found out through word of mouth.

I am super grateful that Sister Chen and I are companions again. We have seen so many miracles this past transfer and we are excited to see even more this transfer. We already saw an interesting miracle this morning during personal study and companionship study. If there is one thing I want Sister Chen to change, it is her desire to get married. She told me that she has absolutely no desire to get married. I have been really worried about her because I know this will affect her salvation. It wasn’t until this morning that this desire changed. During my personal study as I was reading “Our Heritage,” I read about how God commanded the saints in Kirtland to build a temple, but people thought it was “preposterous” considering how poor the saints were. Because of their willingness to sacrifice and consecrating their time and talents, they were able to see the Kirtland temple built the way God wanted it to be built. The saints trusted that the Lord will provide a way since this is a commandment.

I tried to figure out what commandment would people now a days call “preposterous.” The first thing that came to my mind was marriage. There are quite a few people, even in the church, who think marriage is “preposterous” because there are so many marriages that don’t last. Being married, married in the temple, is a commandment from God. If we obey God by getting married in the temple and make the required sacrifices for it, He will provide a way for that marriage to be an eternal marriage. I told this to Sister Chen during companionship study and she became super shocked. I was confused to why she reacted that way. She explained that in the temple last week, she prayed to God that she will follow all of the commandments, even if she needs to make great sacrifices for it. She was in denial that temple marriage is a commandment. After I shared that, she told me that she will get married. Miracle!

Here’s some good news. Maribel will be baptized this Saturday! She is from Colombia. Also, President Henderson hard yakkaed (Aussie for “doing missionary work”) with us this past Friday and put Janice on date again! Janice is from Korea. She was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but she is pretty busy. We hope that she can be baptized by the end of this month. So far, our mission has had 50 baptisms in the first half of June. Did I tell you that President Henderson set a goal for the ABM to baptize 100 people in the month of June? I can’t believe we are going at the right rate to hit that goal. The Australia Brisbane mission is truly a miraculous mission.

Here’s some pictures. The first picture is of Daniella, Tina, and Elder Johnson. Daniella and Tina are recent converts. Tina and Elder Johnson are leaving this week for back home. Tina is going to Taiwan and Elder Johnson is going back to the states. It was so sad! The last picture is of Sister Chen and I. We took a picture that Sunday because we thought we were going to be separated for next transfer.

Thank you for all of your support! Keep in touch! Keep being happy and healthy! Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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