Dajia hao!

It’s been good to hear from all of you. It sounds like you all have been having your ups and downs. Have faith in God and stay strong.

This is the first week of the transfer. It was a hard week in many ways. It was super cold. We had to teach lessons outside in the cold. GQing was hard as well. Sister Chen and I got caught up talking with the missionaries that got transferred over from EMP and Isle of Capri while we were supposed to be GQing. We could have GQed a lot more. I have repented of this though.

The miracle of the week is that Maribel got baptized! It was beautiful to see how happy she was. She was in tears after she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I know that she felt the overwhelming joy of finally having such a precious gift. It was such a blessing to work with her. I have seen her grow so much, especially with her testimony of the church. She is an amazing addition to the church. She is going to be a kingdom builder for sure.

Another miracle is when Sister Chen, Janice, and I took the bus to go to bishop’s house to have dinner. We ended up stopping two bus stops away from where we were supposed to get off. Sister Chen wanted to kill me. There was a man that overheard us talking to the bus driver about getting off at the wrong stop. His name is Leo. He is originally from the Philippines. He offered us a ride, but I refused. Sister Chen wanted to kill me again. She ended up telling him that we needed a ride. As he was taking us to the bishop’s house, we got on the topic of religion. He only became Christian three years ago when he first came to Australia. He told us that he is searching for the truth. We told him that our church has plenty of that. We ended up getting an appointment with him. We referred him to our zone leaders. Miracle!

We were able to meet with Archie this past week. I taught him in EMP, but then he moved in St. Lucia shortly after I moved to the River Terrace area. Now he is in our area. He believes partially in God, but he expects God to manifest Himself to him in greater ways. We had to tell him that God doesn’t work that way. It was definitely a step up from when I first talked to him at the bus stop. We had to reschedule his baptism date for the end of July. I do believe that he will be ready by then though.

Rajan is also on date for the same day as Archie. The difficult thing is that he is Hindu. Those who are Hindu believe in all religions. He is willing to get baptized, but we have to help him realize there is only one God. He still prays to the many gods that he believes in. We taught him the 10 commandments, but he still prays to the many gods. I think we just need to be bold about that there are no other gods, but God (and Jesus Christ and the Spirit).

We started teaching a girl named Linh. She is from Vietnam. She is Catholic. For now, we are focusing on teaching her English. She told us that her mom is in heaven and so is her husband. She is only 30-years-old. We shared about how the gospel can help her see her family again. I hope that she sees the light that comes from our church.

Last transfer, I was in a district with the other sister companionship and the Chinese Training Leaders. This transfer, they just kept the Chinese Training Leaders in EMP and put our companionship with the other River Terrace elders. The other sisters are in the English program district. They were pretty upset about that.

A couple of weeks ago, I GQed a girl from the states. We talked for a while. She told me about how she went to business school in an international school in China. After talking to her about it, I now want to go to a business school in China after graduating from BYU. Random idea I got from GQing.

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is what Sister Chen ate for dinner a couple of nights ago: chicken heart, a roll, banana, marshmallow chocolate stuff, hot chocolate, and sushi. Chicken heart kind of tastes like duck. The next picture is of me before Maribel’s baptism. The next picture is of Sister Chen, Maribel, and I. The next picture is of Maribel cutting my hair. Since she is a member now, she was allowed to know where we live. It was great.

If there is anything that I have been learning recently, it is sacrifice. We show our faith and loyalty to God through sacrifice. You can tell how much someone is converted by how much they are willing to sacrifice. I am reading Our Heritage right now. You can tell based on these stories who were truly converted to the Lord. There were those who left and denied the church because they weren’t willing to go through the persecution and hardships. There were those who were willing to die and endure the persecution because they knew how important this gospel is. The Apostles were willing to take the call to serve a mission when their family was in poverty and poor health. They were willing to sacrifice so much for this church.

I truly do believe the greater the sacrifice, the greater the blessing. There are some things that the Lord will ask us to sacrifice. Some of these things may include our greatest desires. No matter what the Lord tells you to sacrifice, sacrifice it with a willing heart.

Thanks so much for all of your support. It’s been nice to hear from home. Stay strong. Eat healthy. Don’t get sick. Keep having fun. Endure your trials well. It is only but a small moment. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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