Dajia hao!

Guess what? Our goal for the month of June for the Australia Brisbane Mission was to get 100 baptisms…By the last day of June, we got 105 baptisms!!! This was probably the most miraculous thing that I have ever heard of all of the time that I have been here. When President Henderson announced that this was our goal, we all thought he was out of his mind. This was unheard of in the ABM. It’s amazing to see how big of a faith building experience this was for the whole mission. The ABM is truly an amazing mission. I am so blessed to be in the mission I am in now with the people that I am with.

Brisbane has been getting super cold. The mornings and night time are freezing. Depending on how windy it gets in the day time, it can be pretty warm or really cold. It’s funny because all of the missionaries are dressed in winter clothes while all of the Aussies are in shorts and t-shirts.

Last week has been a challenge. It’s disheartening to get heaps of potentials the week before and then all of the lessons fall through. I feel like this has been a trend even when I was first here in River Terrace. I hope that I can keep coming up with ways to avoid this trend.

The miracle of last week is that I have seen a lot of people around me become more like Christ. I saw it in investigators, members, and missionaries. We didn’t see that much outward miracles, but we did see many miracles that occurred within the heart.

A cool miracle that happened just yesterday was from the last contact I got when GQing. I was standing around after 5 hours straight of GQing, while Sister Chen was GQing a girl. A group of three people sat right next to me. I almost didn’t GQ them because I was super tired and lazy (I repented of this). I ended up GQing them. They weren’t interested, but they gave me a referral. This was the first time ever I got a referral when GQing. We called the guy and he was interested in meeting with us. We will be meeting him tonight. A great miracle after endless GQing.

Not much has happened last week. A lot more has happened just in these past couple of days. On Monday, we had interviews with President Henderson. Him, Sister Henderson, and two of the APs came to our flat to do interviews. In my interview, President Henderson told me to read the Book of Mormon like it will tell me everything that I need to do for the day. President Henderson gave us a challenge at the beginning of the year to read 1.5 pages of the Book of Mormon. All of the missionaries and the youth of Brisbane will finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. He told me that there is a reason to why I am reading what I am reading on that day. I took his advice and I ended up learning exactly what I needed to do that day just from reading 1.5 pages of the Book of Mormon. Our mission president is truly inspired.

We also had temple p-day today. That is why we are emailing you all on a Wednesday. The temple was refreshing, as usual. It’s amazing how you can get any question answered when you go through the temple. This has happened every single time I have done endowments. It’s neat. You all should try to go to the temple with a question in mind. You might not get a full answer or anything, but you will get inspiration for sure.

Here’s some pictures: The first one is of me and Sister Chen while walking to go GQ. We wanted to show how warm we are trying to stay. The next picture what Sister Chen looks like when she has “yumen” (depression). It was more funny than it was sad to watch. The next picture is of me Donna, and Jane. Jane is the one hiding her face. They are both recent converts from the EMP ward who were joining us at English class. They are both from China. They are super cute and super awesome. The last picture is from today after the temple. This is my fifth transfer (out of seven) serving in the same area with Elder Santa Ana.

Thanks for all of your support! Keep in touch. Stay strong. Keep putting God first. Make the sacrifices necessary to bring you closer to God. Love you all.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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