Dajia hao!

Thank you for all of your supportive words. I am doing better. This week was a good week. Still had our ups and downs, but it was good.

The success of the week is that quite a bit of our potentials were solid this week. We were able to get a number of lessons as a result. I am hoping that all of these solid potentials will eventually lead to solid members of the Church.

The struggle of the week was having ups and downs while GQing. My desire to GQ was not consistent. I would feel a fire certain times and then none during the other times. I hope that this week I can improve on having a consistent fire in my heart for the work of the Lord.

Here’s an awkward experience. We met with a guy named Leo. He is originally from China. Sister Lai GQed him last week and he really wants to learn about Christianity and how it can help him in his life. We met him at The Coffee Shop. I swear I heard Sister Lai tell him we do not drink coffee. We were sitting there and the waitress brought us cappuccinos. This was a moral dilemma. For a split second I thought, “Ï would rather not be rude, so maybe I’ll just drink it.” But the Holy Ghost slammed me and said, “there is no way I’m going to break the Word of Wisdom on my mission!” So, Sister Chen and I told him that we don’t drink coffee. He felt awkward as well. Even though I felt bad that he bought us cappuccinos, I would have felt worst if I drank it.

There was another guy that we met with whose name is Ravi. He is from India. He is Hindu, but he doesn’t practice it. He disagrees with some of what the Hindu religion practices. We were able to show that our church does the opposite. We is definitely a thinker. We are hoping that he will be able to come to the knowledge that this church makes sense and is true.

We have another investigator named Hirudo. She is from China. I know, she sounds like she is from Japan. She has been meeting with us quite often. She says that her faith in God has increased a lot as she has been meeting with us. Sadly, she is going back to China next week. We want to help her strengthen her faith through prayer, but she is not willing to pray for us when we teach her. If someone is not willing to pray with us, that probably means that they are not really praying on their own. It was funny because the AP in our district meeting gave a training on how to help our investigators be willing to pray during the lesson. It’s still a challenge to convince people to pray.

I taught the Sunday School lesson yesterday…in Chinese. When Elder Tian asked me Saturday night to give the lesson, I was almost was going to throw up. While I have been on my mission, I have never taught anything that long in Chinese, and by myself too. It turned out better than I expected. A lot of people participated and I really felt the Spirit.

Here’s some pictures from this week: The first picture is from last p-day. We made shuijiao (dumplings) with Warren and Ian. The next picture is at district meeting. The sunlight was coming through one of the little windows and it was beaming on my scriptures in the middle of district meeting, so one of the missionaries thought it would be cool to take my picture. The next picture was when I was conducting the music in district meeting. One of the elders thought it was funny that I had a lollipop in my hand as I was conducting so he took a picture. The last picture is of all of my flat mates. I think they all had “yu men” at the time.

Thanks for all of your support. Keep in touch. Keep learning and growing. Let the Lord guide you. Remember that it all depends on the Lord’s timing. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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