Dajia Hao!

This week has been interesting. I felt like I didn’t work as hard as I could have, but we still had a week with high key indicators. It was strange. This comes to show that if I work even harder, we can exceed our goals. I also learned that what really makes the week a good week is not about how high our numbers are. It’s about how hard have we worked, how much have we improved, and how much have we helped people come unto Christ. There’s a soul behind every number, and if we don’t realize that, we lose focus of our missionary purpose. We lose focus of our purpose in life. Life is not about numbers. This is what Sister Chen helped me realize today when we were in companionship study.

Heaps of the people we are working with are going back to their country for good or they will be leaving Brisbane for a long period of time. It’s sad to think that the majority of the people I work with will leave before I leave! So sad! I have been slowly realizing that this trial will be a huge blessing for me. I will have to push myself and improve my skills so that we can better find souls that will come unto Christ.

This past week we had our Chinese regional meeting. This was probably one of the best meetings I have attended on the mission field. I felt like all of the trainings were really inspired and I felt like they were all for me. They really called me to repentance. Sister Lai had the most entertaining training. She compared GQing to Mario Kart.

Last Monday, we ate at Bishop Butterworth’s house for dinner. We went with Janice, our investigator. We took the bus and their house is kind of far from the bus stop, but Janice had to use the bathroom. We walked over to the convenience store near the bus stop. Janice asked the old Asian-looking employee where the bathroom was. He burst out asking her, “Ni shi zhongguo ren ma?!? (Are you Chinese?!?)” The problem was that she was from Korea so she did not understand. Sister Chen and I had to save her. We bought something from the store to thank him for showing us where the bathroom was. He has been in Australia for a couple of years but he will be leaving back for China next month. He said that he is interested in learning. We hope we can see him before he leaves.

This week has been filled with sicknesses. I went from feeling like I was going to throw up at the beginning of the week to feeling kidney pain. A couple days later, my kidneys started hurting. It only lasted for two days. But I’m fine now. Yesterday, I was super close to throwing up because I ate all of that chocolate from the cafe and then ate more lunch afterward. I had to sit out from GQing for like half an hour to an hour. It was embarrassing because Sister Chen was telling all of the missionaries what was wrong with me. But yeah, don’t worry about me. I’ll survive.

Today we have a full p-day because we were able to meet our baptismal goal last month. We are going to spend all day with President and Sister Henderson. So stoked!

I didn’t take that much pictures this week. Maribel took us out to Bonzai Botanika. It was so fancy. I ordered a white chocolate hot chockee (what the Aussies call hot chocolate). I also got a super moist milk chocolate cake that pretty much killed me with its deliciousness. It also killed my stomach because I felt like I was going to throw up afterward.

Keep in touch. Stay strong. God is watching over you and will help you. Return the favor by obeying His commandments. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

P.S. Post my emails on my blog weekly! Xie xie!


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