Nimen hao!

This first week of the transfer has been crazy filled with miracles!

I’ll try to write as much miracles as I can. Our first miracle is Hana. We met her the day that we got transferred. Her friend’s friend let her know about our English class. We set up an appointment from there. She told us how it was very sudden that she came to Australia. She has only been in Australia for a week. Just a couple weeks ago, she was working in an office in Korea. Her boss would physically abuse her. That forced her to quit her job. She wanted to find greater happiness and her friend told her that she should move to Brisbane, Australia. She was in the hospital (might have been because of her boss) and the day after she got her visa and then a couple days later she flew to Australia. We taught her about our church and how Jesus Christ can help her. Even though she is not sure if He is real, she wants to know if He is. I truly feel like God has prepared her to come to Brisbane so that we can bring the fulness of the gospel to her life. She will be baptized on August 30th.

Another miracle is with a recent convert of ours. His name is Atticus. A couple weeks ago, he brought up to Sister Ng and Sister Jensen that he’s not sure if the Book of Mormon is true. He said that if he doesn’t believe it to be true, he will leave the church. He has been praying sincerely for an answer. He had a dream just this past week. He even drew it out for us. He told us that he never has dreams, so this was very special for him. Long story short, he believes that this is a dream telling him about whether this church is the true church. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to interpret the dream. I am praying that he interprets that dream correctly. I pray that he will do the things that he needs to do to continue to get his answer.

Another miracle is with Minty. She just came back from China. She was GQed by Sister Ng a couple of months ago. We were finally able to meet with her. We discovered that her English is perfect. She has lived her for about five years. Actually, I felt like her English was better than mine, so we taught her in English. She asked us a number of questions. By the end of answering all of her questions, she said she was very impressed with our church. She told us how she was leaning more towards Buddhism before she met us, but now she’s more interested in learning about our church. She said she has been impressed with the good examples she has seen of the members of this church. We are excited to work with her. I felt bad because Sister Ng wanted to invite her to be baptized, but I was already saying goodbye to Minty. Gangga! “Gangga” means “awkward.”

There is a homeless ABV (Australia-born Vietnamese) I would talk to every time I get the chance to see him. His name is Kim. The first time I met him, I tried teaching him about the Plan of Salvation, but his pride got in the way of taking in what I was teaching. He didn’t really want to believe in a God at that time. This past week, I talked him more about God. He really humbled himself this time. He talked about how amazing it is that God created everything for us. Kim told me that He must care about us if God has done all of the things that He has done. It’s cool to see how God softens hearts, even though it seems impossible.

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is of our “office.” We have no office so we teach on the streets. We had to teach Warren and Atticus here that night because the library was closed. The next picture is of the missionaries on the bus on our way to the city to GQ. There were five companionships on the same bus all headed to the same place to GQ. The next picture is the Sunday before transfers. These are some people from the Chinese program in River Terrace, Brisbane, and Eight Mile Plains. They came to say goodbye to Elder Ladd and Sister Jensen. The next picture is from the sister regional meeting the day before transfers. Those are all of the sisters Sister Fau and Sister Lai are looking over.

I felt like a lot of these miracles came about because I was a lot more diligent with searching for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I used my heart and my brain more. I invite you all to do the same. If you are diligent about obtaining help from the Spirit, God will bless you with that guidance. Love you all! Thank you for all of your support. Keep in touch. Almost at my 1-year mark (August 7). See you all in half-a-year!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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