Dajia hao!

Sorry I forgot to tell you all that we had temple p-day this week so I am only emailing you now. I also heard about the cyclones that passed by. We were knocking on doors in the neighborhoods and a woman told me how Hawaii is preparing for cyclones to hit. It freaked me out! It’s good to hear that Oahu did not get hit. It’s good to hear that you are all alright.

Such a crazy week! I feel like I have been pushed and pulled in every direction. Last week, God has been shaping me through all kinds of trials and challenges. I know that God is lighting the fire under me so that I can run harder at my last stretch: my last six months.

I know that my Chinese needs to improve if I want to better work with Chinese families. This is something I want to focus on so that they can understand and trust us. My goal is to dedicate myself a lot more with language study and using the language throughout the day.

A success from this week is that members have approached us about teaching their Mandarin-speaking friends. Our teaching pool of Chinese families has been increasing, which is a huge blessing from Heavenly Father.

Working more with adults with families is an interesting experience. I feel like I am becoming more mature working with them. When they talk about what they have been through and what they are going through right now, it has humbled me. It makes me appreciate having the church earlier in my life.

We’ve had a lot of experiences last week and this past week. I’ll try to name some specific experiences that we had. We were finally able to meet Ranju. I think I emailed you all about her way back in my first transfer in the mission field. She was a Nepalese girl that we met in the city last year. She lives a couple of blocks away from her, so we decided to pay her a visit. She’s super busy, but she is willing to keep meeting with us. I am hoping that she will accept our church as the true church and commit herself to it.

We are still meeting with Kelsi, our neighbor from when we first arrived into River Terrace. It’s cool to see her progress. She went from not believing in God to believing that He is there. She prays whenever she struggles. It’s neat to see investigators use the tools that we provide for them. This is what God wants us to use for the rest of our life.

We GQed a girl named Molly. She is from Hong Kong. She doesn’t go to church, but she believes in God. She has been looking for a church though here in Australia. She knew we were Christian, but she didn’t know we were Mormon. When we met for the second time, she told us about how her friends told her that Mormons are crazy and do weird things. We taught her the restoration. I am hoping that helped her realize that we are not as crazy as they say. We will hopefully meet her sometime next week.

There’s another girl named Nara that I GQed and then Sister Ng GQed. She is from Mongolia. Nara was supposed to meet with Sister Chen and I, but we called and her phone didn’t work. I remember being super disappointed because she sounded pretty keen to learning. She told me during the lesson that she was able to find a job because I promised her that if she prayed she would find a job. The problem is that she prayed to her deceased father and grandmother. We didn’t want to disappoint her in that lesson, so we are going to be more bold in resolving this problem in the next lesson.

Oh yeah, I was able to renew my license. I kind of regret it because it cost $70 to renew it and it only lasts for a year. Sad!

Here’s some pictures. The first two pictures are from the temple this morning. The next pictures are from my supposedly “last day” in the city. The first picture is of one part of Queen St. we GQ. The other picture is from the bus going to the city.

There’s heaps more that happened last week I wish I could share. It has been a busy, adventurous week. This is only fraction of the souls we are bringing to Christ. I wish I could talk about all of them. But yeah, love you all. Keep doing what’s right. Keep following the example of Jesus Christ.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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