Nimen hao!

Hope all is well back home. All is pretty good here down under. The only tragic thing is that we ran out of hot water and we still have cold winter nights here in Australia. But yeah, Australia is still cold. It’s getting a bit warmer though. But yeah, 5 more months until the end of the mission. I woke up this morning freaking out because I feel like I have been back tracking. Something I realized is that I easily let people influence me, even if it is not for the best. I need to be more firm and steadfast in letting the Lord influence me instead of others.

This week has been interesting. The challenge that we had for this week was that a big number of our lessons went for over an hour. That really cut into our finding time. Because of that, we got a really low number of contacts this week. I also felt bad because I could have talked to everyone on the way to all of the appointments, but I didn’t. This is something that I need to repent of. I need to keep in mind that every soul is precious, even the one standing next to me at the traffic light.

This week at church, we were able to get a non-member family from China to church. Their names are Tony, Qiqi, and Jing Wang. At first, we only knew that Tony was interested. At church, we noticed that Qiqi, his wife, wanted to learn more about the church as well. Jing is their 15-year-old daughter. We are hoping that she can enjoy church more so that she can have that desire to learn more. We are excited to see their progress in these upcoming months.

Another miracle is when we went door knocking yesterday. We went door knocking at a pretty dodgy apartment complex. It seemed like the worst of people lived there. The whole place smelled of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. My lungs couldn’t handle being there. I wanted to leave, but the Lord wanted me to stay and endure. We ended up running into a man who joined the church in 2011 who is now a bit less active. He told us that he was very grateful to meet us. He was able to tell us about people in that apartment complex who were interested in learning about the church and the Book of Mormon. We’ll be stopping by to see them on Wednesday.

Here’s some pictures: The first picture is from a bathroom stall. The second picture is from trade offs with Sister Lai. That is Sister Lai in the blanket. She was dying because she was super cold. The next picture is at the end of the night with Sister Lai. We had a really weird, cold, rainy trade off day. By the end of the day, this is our blessing for enduring to the end: food from the elders. The next picture is of the elders who made us the food, Elder George and Elder Santa Ana.

I noticed on my mission that a lot of people, both believers and non-believers of God have asked, “why does God let bad things happen?” To be more specific, “why does God allow everyone’s challenges to be different?” I would give people answers to this question, but they are never fully content. I realized that people will never be fully content until they receive the promise: we will become more like Him. At first, nobody knows why they are going through what they are going through. In order to understand, we need to endure well to find the answer for ourselves. We can be told the answer, but we will not fully accept the answer until we live it.

But yeah, thank you for all of the support. I am doing good. Keep enduring to the end. Your trials are for a small moment. Develop your faith and hope. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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