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Overall, I thought this has been a successful week, but we could have done better. We let our lessons go over an hour, which has been cutting into a lot of our finding efforts. On Friday, we were supposed to do a lightning visit with Pin, a Taiwanese member of the church. It was more like a “turtle visit.” Lightning visits are supposed to be 15-20 minutes long. We ended up being in her flat for almost 3 hours. We were supposed to go from St. Lucia to Annerly so that we can find some less active Mandarin-speaking members, but by the time we got out of Pin’s flat, it was time to go home. Yes we are dodgy missionaries! Sister Ng and I repented of that.

A couple of our investigators are leaving the area. Hana, who was supposed to be baptized on August 30th will be leaving for the farms on August 29th. Qiqi of the Wang family is leaving for China this Tuesday. She was the one who was very interested to read the Book of Mormon. I know that God has a plan for all of them. I’m sure all of these events are happening to further their conversion process.

I felt like we were able to get inspiration in many forms. During our correlation meeting, we were discussing the fifteen names of those who were less active. A big idea came to mind: not only work with the Mandarin-speaking less active families within Brisbane ward, but work with the Mandarin-speaking less active families throughout the Brisbane stake. I just asked President Henderson if we can get permission to do this.

Our district meeting this past Wednesday was pretty inspired. Everyone was given different topics to train or give a spiritual thought on, but they all emphasized overcoming our weaknesses. Even that same morning, what I learned in personal study all revolved around overcoming my weaknesses. I think the Lord is trying to tell me that instead of being content with where I am at right now, I need to be more active in overcoming the weaknesses that I have. Elder Santa Ana gave his spiritual thought on how Satan binds us through our weaknesses. Sister Ng gave a training on instead of saying “I will try” to overcome my weaknesses, I will “just do it.” Elder Chynoweth gave a training on how overcoming our weaknesses can be compared to the seed in Alma 32. I never thought about making that comparison, but it was really powerful when we read through the chapter with that in mind. I invite you all to make it a life-long process to overcome your weaknesses.

Here’s a question that I have had for a while. Maybe you know the answer. Even though in the Old Testament and New Testament they had the sealing power, were families sealed together during those times? Also, were temples used the same way back in the Bible while we are using them now? These are two questions skeptics would ask us and I’m not really sure how to answer them. Scriptures and words from the modern prophets would be much appreciated.

Here are some pictures: The first picture is at city hall in the Brisbane city. The next picture is of my flat mates: Sister Ng, Sister Chen, and Sister Gong. A flat full of Asians. The next picture is of me studying Chinese with a tree growing out of my head. The next picture is of Sister Lai from the past Saturday’s trade offs with Sister Chen.

Sorry for the short email. I had to look up stuff online for the upcoming lessons. Hopefully next week’s email will be longer. Good luck with everything. Keep doing God’s work. He’ll bless you all immensely. I’ll keep praying for you all.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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