Dajia hao!

To start off, Sister Ng and I are staying another transfer together in Brisbane Chinese. Sister Ng was pretty yu men (depressed) about that. This is her ninth transfer in the city…straight. She has no idea what President Henderson wants more from her in this area. It’s funny at the same time though. Ta zai chengshi you yongsheng (She has eternal life in the city)!

This past week and past couple days have been insane! Before last week, I have never before felt such a yearning desire to repent. I have never felt so humbled and chastized. I spent all week repenting of little and big things that I have done wrong whether on the mission or off the mission, whether I repented of it already or not. Since I will be going back home in about 4 months, I thought about the person I am going to be when I come back. I determined that I don’t ever want to go back to the person I used to be. I realized this past week how much I want an eternal change of heart. I know that it is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done. I know that this is something I have to fight for. I know that this is going to be painful. I know it will be worth it though!

We already had miracles on the first day of the transfer. Maria, a girl from Mongolia, approached us on Queen Street and told us that she was now interested in learning about Christ. She said that missionaries had talked to her before, but she never had interest. Yesterday, she went looking for us, and she found us.

Also, Sister Ng and I were witnesses of a wedding today of the investigators of Elder Chynoweth and Elder Han. Their names are Gary and Wendy. They are both from China. Both Gary and Wendy are interested in learning about the church. Years ago, Wendy was actually taught by missionaries in Brisbane. She said that these sister missionaries taught her how to pray. She has had very special experiences since then. She prayed that she would pass the ILS (the English test for Australia) and that she would find someone (aka a husband) to bring back to China. God blessed her with both. I am excited for the missionaries to keep working with them!

I felt like I was more involved with teaching last week. Last Sunday, Sister Ng and I taught the Gospel Principles class…in English. Definitely a lot easier to teach in English than in Chinese. That Tuesday, I gave a training at zone meeting. I had to give a training on how to have a smooth baptismal service…never heard of a training like that before. I just gave out chockies (Aussie word for “chocolate”) to force everyone to participate. People were impressed that I was able to give a training without saying much. I did that because I haven’t had much experience with “smooth” baptismal services.

Last week, there was a lot of waiting around for investigators and members. Cumulative, we probably wasted like 4 hours waiting around while we could have been proselyting. We did have good finding, as little as it was. The miracle with finding was that we went door knocking in Annerly again and we ended up getting 4 potentials. They all seem pretty solid as well. We finished Lambton St. and we got a total of 8 potentials from this street. I think I want to swap from GQing, street contacting, to finding (door knocking). President Henderson told us that we are never allowed to use the word “tracting” ever again. We can only call it “finding.”

Here’s some pictures: The first two pictures are from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) botanical garden. The first picture is of the Brisbane city. The second picture is of the Brisbane temple. The next picture is from zone meeting. The next picture is of Gary, Wendy, Sister Ng, and I after the wedding ceremony.

Thanks for all of your support. Keep doing what’s right. Continue to repent. Sincerely repent. We can only enter into the kingdom of God if we are clean. I know that repentance will make our life so much better. Love you all.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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