Nimen hao!

It has been to hear from you all. Everything here in the mission has been good overall. Actually, I feel like I never really had a bad week all my mission.

I feel like my personal challenge this past week is patience towards everyone and everything. My patience was a lot better before the mission. Now, I have very little of it. I feel like this has been holding me back from feeling the Spirit 24/7. I am hoping that I can better control my feelings and develop my patience this upcoming week so that I can be an effective instrument in God’s hands whenever, wherever.

The success this past week is that we were able to feel the hearts of our investigators soften. Investigators we didn’t expect to have the desire to learn, really started coming unto Christ. Seeing them soften their heart helped me soften my heart as well. This was a huge testimony builder for me. I know that God is aware of every single one of his children. I know that He will do all that He can to help us all to come unto Christ.

Another success has been English class. The English classes have been pretty successful recently. We have been able to have a packed class consistently these past weeks. Yesterday during English class, I was asked to practice speaking with a Korean girl named Lyn. She told me how she came to Australia because she was too stressed out working in Korea. She said that she would get back home crying every night. When she came to Australia, she felt so much happier. I later found out that she has no religion, but she has been praying and reading the Bible because her boyfriend’s mom is Christian. I promised her that there is another way she can feel even more happiness and more peace: reading the Book of Mormon. She was pretty excited. We are going to meet with her this Friday to share more.

We taught a man named Said. He is from Afghanistan. He is pretty awesome. He is Muslim, but he is open to learning about other religions. We taught him the restoration. By the end, he was interested to continue learning more. I could tell that the Spirit was there, despite teaching him on Queen St. with the indie music playing in the background.

We were able to put Tomoko on date. I don’t remember if I emailed you all about her before, but she is from Japan. Sister Ng GQed her. At first when she talked with Sister Ng, Tomoko said that she will listen to what she has to say, but she will not commit to anything. When we had our first sit down lesson, she was the total opposite of what Sister Ng expected. She was super interested. She asked golden questions that I never even thought about. She’s golden. She is on date for October 18.

On Thursday, we went down to Annerley to meet up with the potentials that we got from last week. We were only able to have a sit down lesson with one of them. We were able to talk to two of the other potentials, but they were males and we didn’t have a member present. The girl that we taught is named Michelle. She is from Singapore. It was funny at first. We knocked on her door and her mom answered. We asked her if Michelle was home. She wasn’t, but her mom let us in. She was pretty nice to us. When she finally asked us how we knew Michelle, we told her we only met her last week at the door step. Michelle’s mom started to look horrified because I think she thought we knew Michelle really well, but actually we didn’t. I could tell that she regret letting us in. Thank goodness when Michelle’s mom texted her, Michelle remembered us. Michelle’s mom was a bit more relieved. Michelle got there eventually. We didn’t really teach Michelle and her mom much. We spent most of the time getting to know them. I think we were able to gain their trust because they are both letting us come over again tomorrow.

On Saturday, we had a surprise trade off with the sister training leaders. They called us the night before to ask if we were willing to go on trade offs. They usually would tell us a week in advance. I went on trade offs with Sister Lai again, except we worked in Holland Park. It was kind of weird being with Sister Lai in an English speaking area. We did “finding” (aka “knocking on doors”) all day long. Usually when Sister Lai and I were companions, we would GQ at the Sunnybank bus stop or on Queen St. It was different. We taught a girl named Tracy at night. I think that was the most inspired lesson I have ever taught on my mission. It was an impromptu lesson. We shared Ether 12. I felt like I said everything that the Spirit prompted me to say. I have never had so much inspired words come out of my mouth. It was a shocker for me. In lessons typically, the Spirit usually prompts me, but I sometimes don’t follow them. Shyness. This past week though, I made it an effort to follow all of the promptings. It was a pretty good feeling to follow them.

Yesterday, Sister Ng and I helped Warren and Ian apply for BYU Hawaii and BYU Provo. It made me so happy to imagine seeing recent converts from Brisbane in Hawaii or Utah. I’m praying they get accepted into one of these schools.

Here’s a couple pictures from this past week: The first picture is of Ian, Warren, and Phil after English class. I think Phil was teaching them Japanese. The next picture is from finding on trade offs. Sister Lai and I really liked that bush, so we took a picture of it. The next picture is with Sister Lai at the elder’s flat (garage). They made us Peruvian food. The next picture is of my hair. I don’t know what Sister Chen did with my hair.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch! It is always so good to hear from you all. I love you all! Have a great week. Always remember what God has done for you all. Remember that Christ gives us the strength to do all things!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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