Dajia hao!

Oh my head! This was a miraculous week. God has really guided his children this week. We set three new people on date: Arlene, Lisa, and Rodessa. We were able to get six people to come to the Sunday morning stake conference session: Tony Wang, his daughter Jing, Marie, Lisa, Rodessa, and Gary. Also, that was a super uplifting stake conference. The theme was “not just do, become.” I was very grateful they were able to come because I felt like this was a very inspired session that I know will help our investigators progress to become and not just do.

We were able to get a lot more referrals this week as well. One of the referrals is a lady named Lily from China. Here’s the miracle: There was an old man who mistakenly went to stake conference at the Kangaroo Point chapel instead of the city hall. He noticed Lily walking around the temple grounds. He struck up a conversation with her. In broken English, she told him she was interested in learning about Christianity. He invited her to come to stake conference, and she came! Talk about being inspired to be at the “right place” at the “right time.”

Another referral is Lisa and Rodessa. Lisa is a referral from the Kenmore sisters missionaries. Lisa then referred Rodessa to us. Lisa and Rodessa are a result of member missionaries. Rodessa is dating a member in the Cleveland stake who is originally from Utah. Lisa is a registered nurse who was introduced to the church by one of the patients she is taking care of. Because of these members’ good examples, Lisa and Rodessa are very active and interested in coming to know the truth of this church.

The other date that we set was Arlene. She is from Tanzania. We taught her a second time this past week. We taught her the restoration. I have never met anybody absorb what we taught so well. She was super amazed when we recited The First Vision. I can tell she is an honest seeker for the truth.

Another miracle was that we were able to get 9 potentials and only contact 97 people. It was funny because last week we contacted 212 people and got only 2 potentials.

Here’s some pictures from this past week. The first picture is of some Mexican food that I bought in the city. It was pretty good. All that stuff in the picture cost a total of $15. Expensive. The next picture is coming back home from GQing. The movie poster for “The Giver” says, “The elders are never wrong.” I had Elder George and Elder Santa Ana pose in front of it. The next picture is from this morning. Sister Chen got super mad at me because I made a reference of her doing something like a monkey. She grabbed my Chinese grammar book and put it in the oven. She’s funny. The next picture is of the temple from the bus going to the city.

I’ll share a little bit about what I learned from stake conference. There’s a quote that someone said that I really liked. They said, “The test of our true character comes from the thoughts that we have when we don’t have to think.” I probably misquoted it, but that’s pretty much the general gist of the meaning. When all is said and done, what will we think? Where are our thoughts directed to? When we are not forced to think about the trials we are dealing with, what will we think about? Are we focused on the things of the world? Are we focused on our own desires? Are we focused on ourselves? Are we focused on the Savior and His will? Our inward thoughts and feelings really do determine who we have become. I felt like this really hit the theme of stake conference: “Not just do, become.”

I invite you all to not just do, but become. I know that this is what the Lord wants from us. I know that our ultimate goal is to become like the Savior. It sounds hard, but keep enduring. Let your experiences change you. Love you all.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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