Nimen hao!

This week has been an abnormal week. We did more service than proselyting, which never happens. We spent literally all week helping our recent convert Warren apply for the Utah Valley University ESL program. English is his second language, so we spent hours helping him figure out everything. I was glad to be of service helping Warren, but I also felt dodgy because we only had 3 finding hours this whole week because of that. I’m not sure if we were allowed to have spent so much time helping someone apply for a school. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Also, we had to help at the open house of the Kangaroo Point temple grounds and chapel, so we did no find at all on Saturday. That was a pretty fun Saturday though. We were able to watch Riverfire, which was sick as. It was probably one of the prettiest firework shows that I have seen because the fireworks were along the whole Brisbane river and on top of the downtown Brisbane buildings. I tried to attach a video, but there is not enough memory for the email to hold it. I’ll just show it after my mission.

Saturday was Frances’ birthday as well, a girl from English class. She decided to come to the open house and watch the fireworks on her birthday. She pretty enjoyed herself. The awkward part was that she brought a strawberry tiramisu (I’m not sure how to spell it) cake, which typically has coffee in it. We told her that we couldn’t eat it. We even told her that in front of our zone leader. We then taught her the Word of Wisdom. It was interesting because she does not believe in God. Weird jump. At least I was able to order some Dominoes pizza for her. I am hoping that made up for that awkward situation.

All of the pictures are from Riverfire. The last picture is with Sister Ng, Lynn, Frances, and I. Lynn and Frances are both from Taiwan.

What stuck out to me as I was doing missionary work this week is that things do not happen randomly. Life is not a lottery. God loves us too much to let things happen to us for no reason. God knows well what is happening and why it is happening. I learned this as I was teaching Lisa and Rodessa. Lisa said she wanted to come to Christ because she wanted to be sure that there was something more after death. Rodessa wanted to come to Christ because she was feeling lost in her life. They both realized this at the same time. This was no coincidence. Also the talk from Sister Stevens called “Fear Not; I am With Thee” from this past General Conference really shows this through the experiences that she shared. I do know that God is aware of us and our circumstances. He let all of these things happen to us for our growth and learning.

Love you all. I invite you all to keep developing your faith towards Christ. You can develop your faith through an increased degree of obedience. Keep enduring to the end!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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