Dajia hao!

Long time no see! We are emailing on a Tuesday because we had Labor Day yesterday, which ended up not being as productive as a normal day. There were not a lot of people in the city. People that day were a lot nicer to talk to. That day, I also ran into less activish guy from the England. He sounded like he had a very complicated situation back in England. He came to Brisbane because he got very angry, especially with the church leaders. He has been here since August, but he is still angry with them. He came here so that he can calm down. He has three more weeks until he goes back to England to fix everything up. I invited him to go back to the basics: pray, read the word of God, and go to church. I also let him know that Satan will do all he can from stopping him from doing these things, especially in his case, going to church.

I realized this week how much Satan has been working in everybody’s life, whether it’s the investigators, members, or missionaries. It made me realize that I need to work harder than ever and rely on God more than ever if I want to help everyone endure to the end.

We were blessed to have zone conference. Before zone conference, I wanted to know what I need to do before I leave the mission field. What President and Sister Henderson said was able to give me a full answer to what I wanted to know. It gave me an extra spiritual boost. It also gave me hope, especially with battling with the adversary. We also received some temporal blessings from this zone conference: a new phone and 400 approved songs that we can listen to. It’s not a smartphone, but we can text in Chinese.

We still haven’t watched General Conference yet. We are going to watch it this upcoming weekend. It’s weird to think pretty much everyone has watched it in the states, but we still have no idea what was said. We also won’t be watching the General Women’s Broadcast until the weekend after.

Something that I really liked from zone conference is something that President Henderson said about a couple of the General Authorities. He said that there was a month in 2007 where three General Authorities would be speaking at BYU Provo. One of the speakers was Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar felt prompted that he should speak on the iron rod from Lehi’s dream. Elder Bednar knew that President Packer would be the other speaker. Right after he got that prompting, Elder Bednar approached President Packer and asked what he was going to be speaking on. President Packer said that he is going to speak on the iron rod from Lehi’s dream. Elder Bednar asked him if he should changed his talk, but President Packer said no. If it is inspired, stick with it. They later found out that the other General Authority that would be speaking at a CES Fireside was asked by BYU to speak on the iron rod from Lehi’s dream. So that month, they had three talks at BYU Provo on the iron rod from Lehi’s dream. This shows how important to know the what it is and the importance of the iron rod. The iron rod is very strong and durable. It will not break. This represents Jesus Christ. To hold on to Jesus Christ, we study from the scriptures, living prophets, and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Simple, yet we all sometimes may find ourselves in “strange roads.” Evaluate where we are by doing the above.

Here are a couple of pictures: The first picture is from the other sister’s trade offs. That day was also Sister Ng’s birthday. The next picture is right behind the Treasury casino. There was a giant duck, I’m not sure why. The next picture is right outside the city library where we normally teach people. I think that was a promotional thing for Coca Cola. It was pretty crack up because we got very distracted teaching English. The last picture is of a candy that is the shape of lips. Sister Chen put that on my forehead. The crazy things we do during language study.

There’s so much more I wanted to write, but I have less time today. We have zone p-day today and then we will be meeting people for English class at 5:30 pm. I’ll write more next week. Stay strong! I know that this gospel will help you all find success in all that you do. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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