Nimen hao!

Thanks for all of the packages and everything. I have really appreciated getting them while I have been a missionary. These packages can probably be the last packages because I’m going to be sending a package with all of the stuff that I don’t need anymore. Just save the money for when I get back.

This week has been a smashing week. Because we combined two areas, we were able to get 11 member present and 10 other lessons. These were all appointments too, except for one or two step-in lessons. What made it better too, is that the Spirit could be felt so strong in all of the lessons. I made a conscious effort this week to “deny myself of all ungodliness,” no matter how little it is. I feel like because of that, we were able to see the success that we saw last week.

We were also able to get Lalaine on date. I met her on Queen St. last transfer. She is from the Philippines. She is Catholic, but is not practicing. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson that it was impossible for her to deny what she was feeling. I think that’s why she didn’t hesitate to saying yes to being baptized. Super excited for her!

This week in the city has been interesting. There has been heaps of activities celebrating and preparing for the G20 Summit meeting right here in Brisbane city. On Friday night, we could hear a concert in downtown Brisbane from the temple grounds. It’s been interesting. We still don’t know how we are going to do missionary work during the G20 Summit because they will be closing down the city, the outlying suburbs (where we live), and heaps of the bus ways.

This upcoming Friday, there is going to be a Chinese fireside and our mission president will be attending. We are all looking forward for that!

I learned a lot from this past week, but the one greatest lesson I learned is to “deny myself of all ungodliness.” We are dealt with all kinds of situations, challenges, successes, etc. No matter what we are dealt, will we remain pure and righteous? I have been realizing how important it is to follow Christ in ALL things. Not just in some things, or in most things, but in ALL things. I realized this in my personal study. I asked myself, “what are some things that I can do to better keep myself clean when I get back from my mission?” The first thing that came to mind was media and entertainment. Before my mission, I watched movies and T.V. and listened to music all day everyday. Often times, they didn’t even bring the Spirit. I thought that was fine because I was doing everything else right. After being on the mission, I realized how bad rationalizing that was. When I imagine myself doing that when I get back home, it makes me cringe. I hope that I can continue to “deny myself of all ungodliness” no matter what.

Here’s a Mormon Message I really like: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-07-006-the-hope-of-gods-light?lang=eng. It’s about how a young man who becomes converted to God. It’s also a pretty well-made video.

Thanks for all of the support! I really appreciate hearing from you all! Don’t get too stressed with everything! Keep doing what’s right! Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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