Dajia hao!

This General Conference was too good. I had three questions that I brought to General Conference and they were all answered. This is exactly what I needed to hear for me to endeavor through the rest of my mission and even after. Now it’s all up to me to act on the promptings and revelation. I am excited to see where this all will take me.

I was pretty bummed that only three of our investigators went to General Conference. We really wanted at least seven people coming. I felt like General Conference would have been perfect for all of them, especially those who want to be baptized. At least General Conference is online, so it’s not the end of the world.

There were so many insights from this past General Conference that I loved. Here are a couple things that really stuck out to me from this past conference:
1. In the Sunday morning session, everybody mentioned in one way or another sustaining the prophet. The last speaker of that same session was President Monson himself. I felt like all of those talks before him were preparing us to really focus in on what President Monson had to say this time around.
2. Revelation can come through dreams.
3. Small and simple, day-to-day, acts bring about the eternal change within us.
4. How sacred of an experience partaking of the sacrament should be (Elder Hamula gave a talk on this. He is the Area Seventy that spoke to the missionaries in the ABM in May).
5. Elder Bednar’s talk directed to non-members. He pretty much gave me ideas on how to GQ.

This upcoming last week in the transfer is going to be interesting. We are going to have no time to do any finding. We are going to have Chinese Regional Meeting, Sister’s Regional Meeting, General Women’s Broadcast, deep cleaning, flat inspections, and weekly planning. We are going to lose around 12 hours of doing missionary work. It was funny because we already missed 8 hours of doing missionary work this past week from General Conference. And the week before that, we had a full day of zone conference. This transfer was filled with meetings.

Here’s some pictures: The first two pictures are from the zone conference from a couple of weeks ago. They are from the australiabrisbanemission.com blog. The first picture is of the Brisbane and Cleveland zones. The last picture is with Sister Alberts, me, and Sister Ng. You can see Sister Lai photo bombing.The last two pictures is from a couple days before General Conference. The STL’s broke into our flat and had fun turning it upside down. They put balloons and streamers all over the place. They put balloons of our faces in our beds. They even put a creepy looking one on the chair in the picture. They switched our bedding. They hid our utensils. They serran-wrapped our fridge. They gave us lollies and cookies to bake ourselves. They did this to celebrate General Conference. It was crack up.

This week was still pretty hard in regards with working with our investigators and members. It sounds like everything is happening in their lives, so they have been too busy to meet with us. I really do believe if they meet with us, they will get the answer to how they need to deal with their problems. It’s interesting how as people meet with us, they get more trials and challenges. This seems to be the pattern with all of the people we are working with. Kelsi is probably the biggest example. She is the Aussie neighbor of ours that we met when we first arrived in Australia. We were able to catch up with her this past Thursday. It has been weeks since we have last talked with her. She told us exactly a year ago is when Scott’s mother (her boyfriend’s mother) has been diagnosed with cancer. Exactly a year ago is when the sisters first arrived in River Terrace. She also told us how her mom is also having health issues and they are currently doing tests to see what is really going on in her body. I also heard from the other sisters while I was in EMP, that she had like every trial that you could imagine. Kelsi even admit that this has been a “full-on year” for her. It was crazy to think that this has all happened since we first arrived here.

Pray for the people in the Australia Brisbane area. They need it.

Thank you for all of your support. It’s good to hear from you all. Keep staying strong. Keep enduring. Keep watching General Conference. It will help you all in your times of need. Love you all! Next week I will be emailing you all on Tuesday because that’s transfer p-day. I will tell you what happens with transfers next week.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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