Nimen hao!

Aaahh! Such crazy transfers! Or at least I felt like It was pretty crazy. Like 86 out of the 114 (I think that’s what they said) companionships had to go to transfer meeting. Heaps of people. One of the Chinese elders went up to the north country, which I’m super jealous about. The missionaries often say that northern Queensland is the most golden place out of all of the ABM. Our mission is now having Tongan and Samoan emphasis companionships, which they never have done before. Sister Ng, Sister Chen, and Elder Santa Ana in my district got transferred, which was super sad because I served along with them for a countless number of transfers. Sister Lai became a sister training leader somewhere else and my companion from the MTC, Sister Peterson, became sister training leader over the Chinese program. Crazy!

Sister Gong and I became companions again. We were together for only a transfer in EMP. We were shocked because we thought that Sister Lai and Sister Peterson were both coming to the city. We thought Sister Peterson and I were going to be companions. Psych! I am excited to be companions with Sister Gong again though. I have a feeling she is going to be the companion that kills me (sends me home). I was very nervous when I realized that we are going to have to combine two companionship’s worth of investigators together. This is going to be crazy figuring out this week because we both have heaps of appointments. We are also both expecting to baptize people this transfer, so it’s going to be pretty hectic getting everything done. I was already stressing out knowing how much work is going to be done just in Brisbane Chinese this transfer. People’s salvation–hardest work we can do!

We had quite a bit of miracles this past week. Sister Ng and I had a miracle with personal study. We didn’t interact at all about what we were going to study in personal study. Sister Ng flipped to a random page in the last General Conference of the Ensign. There was a part that said that we should use more inspired questions with those we love. She then was going to start writing questions for our investigators Lisa and Rodessa until the Spirit told her, “your companion is writing the questions. You don’t need to write them down.” In my personal study, I was also preparing for Lisa and Rodessa. I felt prompted to spend most of my personal study on figuring out inspired questions. I felt prompted to write these questions down, which I have never done before. When I studied PMG in that same personal study, I read scriptures that told me that the Spirit will direct me to write what I need to write down in the very moment. When we both shared what we learned, we were shocked. Miracles happen even in personal study!

Here’s some fun pictures: The first picture is of the Stitch that Sister Ng got from her brother. The next picture is with Wendy Pan, our super cute old Chinese member of the church. The next picture is of Sister Ng, Warren, and Ian. They look very sad that Sister Ng is leaving. The next picture is right after transfer meeting. Since Sister Ng, Sister Chen, and Sister Wu became companions, nobody really knew how to drive back to the EMP flat, except for me, so they made me drive. It was their car, so we walked to the good old Sunnybank bus stop where I used to GQ for six months, and took the bus from their back to the city. Good times.

Since today is transfer day, we don’t have much time to email that much. We have to run heaps of errands. But yeah, definitely keep in touch. Love you all! I know that the Savior will help guide you in your life. I know that the Savior will bless you with the peace and happiness that you are all looking for. Stay strong! Rely on the Lord.

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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