Nimen hao!

So sorry I haven’t emailed in like 2 weeks. I won’t be able to read your emails from the past weeks because I only have half an hour to email. It’s actually not our p-day today, but we got permission to email. This is all a long story. Hopefully I can make it clear enough why this is all happening.

Sister Gong broke her foot last week. It was p-day last week Monday and we were biking our way to Coles (the grocery store). We crossed the light and while I was getting on my bike, I look up and see Sister Gong on the ground. I think she hit the curb and she couldn’t put her feet on the ground, so she fell on her left side. We pretty much stayed in all last week. We didn’t know she broke her foot until Wednesday. Today, we are finally going to go back to work. We pray that we can do everything right, especially with the circumstances we are in.

The reason why we couldn’t email yesterday is actually a longer story. I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote to President Henderson in my weekly letter to him in this email. Here it is: I wish I had read this letter that you emailed to all of the missionaries yesterday morning (President Henderson talked about 2 Nephi 32:9). I have a testimony of how important it is to pray before performing. I gained my testimony the hard way. It was yesterday afternoon we had our experience. Sister Gong and I had to run a couple of errands because of her injury. Before we ran out the door, we didn’t pray. Here’s a brief description of our day: got lost all over Logan zone, got lost trying to find the Annerley library, got lost going back to Kangaroo Point (ended up in Clayfield), tire blows up in Clayfield, we didn’t have our cell phone because the STLs had it, and I didn’t remember how to change a tire. God is merciful though, so he blessed us with the office elders and assistants to help us change the tire. The worse thing though, is that through that whole episode, I still didn’t pray. I relied too much on myself knowing how to do everything. Because of that, we got into a lot of trouble. I am still repenting of this. I know that in this time, especially with Sister Gong’s situation, we need to be praying more than ever. Our circumstances have changed a lot because she broke her foot. God needs us to rely on Him so that we can still reach our full potential as missionaries.

Yeah, that was why I couldn’t email you all yesterday. I wish I could email even more about everything that I have learned in this past week, but we have a lesson in like 10 minutes.

Aaahh!! Love you all! Pray for Sister Gong so that she can endure all that she is going through. She has been such a good sport with everything that has been going on though. Pray for your health and safety as well! Pray always! Don’t learn the hard way!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

P.S. I’ll send pictures next week.


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