Dajia hao!

It’s good that dad’s leg is getting better. So sorry I didn’t read that email from like two weeks ago. I feel really bad. I think that week was “leg problem” week: dad and Sister Gong. I will continue to pray for all of you.

This week was a rough one. There was a lot of trial and error with figuring out how to best do the work without pushing Sister Gong too hard. It was a challenge. I never had to be so creative and innovative to do missionary work. Both Sister Gong and I have grown so much from this experience though.

This week, Rodessa will be baptized. We are so overjoyed. We were even more overjoyed with her decision to be baptized on 29th of November instead of any other day. Her family, her boyfriend, and her friend that brought her to the church cannot come to the baptism, yet she still knows that this is something that she needs to do. She said that she sees “the bigger picture.” The bigger picture is that they don’t need to see her be baptized. She’s not being baptized for them. She is being baptized for herself and the Lord. I nearly cried for joy when she said that. To realize that she’s not being baptized for other people, but for herself and the Lord, is a huge testimony builder. She is so prepared to embark on the journey of becoming a disciple of Christ.

Here’s a miracle email from last week. So one of our members, Wendy Pan, wanted us to send the missionaries in Philadelphia a letter to give to her daughter. Her daughter is not a member of the church. We sent it last month. This is what the missionaries responded:
“We got the letter you sent to our mission office about Wendy and
Yunong Zhou a couple days ago. Today we were able to teach her and
deliver the letter. She was so happy!
It was one of the most powerful and spiritual experiences we’ve ever
experienced! She is so kind and welcomed us right in. She talked about
the Brisbane temple and showed us pictures and we showed her pictures
of the Philadelphia temple that is being built really close by her
right now.
She said she wasn’t sure if she believed in God, but wants to. She is
anxious to learn more.
We taught her how to pray and she prayed for the first time!
Tears were shed, the spirit was there and we are going back next
Friday with some members in our Ward who speak Chinese.”
That email made my day. Sister Gong, Wendy Pan, and I all believe that she will accept the gospel. The Lord is truly preparing the people.

Yeah, there has been a lot more challenges and trials coming up. At the same time, there has been a lot more blessings and miracles for pushing through these things. If I had three hours, I would share more, but I only have like 10 minutes left. I know that God knows our potential and will do all He can to help us get there. Next week is week one of my last transfer. I’m excited what more the Lord has in store for all of us here.

Keep staying strong. Keep being exactly obedient. Be exactly obedient so that God will not hold back His blessings and miracles. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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