Nimen hao!

Haha mom told me the flight itinerary before I even go it. I get to leave January 13 evening time so that means I get to go to transfer meeting and say goodbye to all of the missionaries. That also means I probably will be hanging out with President and Sister Henderson until I leave. Awesome!

Oh yeah, so we found out about transfers. I will be staying in the city my last transfer with Sister Gong. We also have the same district of missionaries. I am super excited for this transfer. Since I arrived in the mission field, I wanted to die in the city. I got my wish. I love the city because there is so much potential and so much challenges that it really is a place for all missionaries to push themselves. So excited to push myself even more, especially with the circumstances Sister Gong is in.

Here is an awesome miracle. Well the day that it happened wasn’t awesome. There was a huge storm. Somebody told me it was the worst storm that has occurred in Brisbane in 30 years. Anyways, that day we didn’t know there was going to be a storm. Surprisingly, all of our investigators cancelled with us. Usually Thursdays were our busiest days, but they all cancelled. We drove around trying to meet other people, but there was no success in that. We got pretty frustrated because we still had hours left in the day, yet we couldn’t go to the city to GQ because in a couple hours we would have to come back for correlation meeting in Kangaroo Point (which ended up not happening). We sat in the car for 10 minutes and felt prompted to start our weekly planning. Half an hour after we got home, we looked out our window and it became pitch black. It was only 4:30 pm so we thought it was super strange. It all of a sudden pouring and minutes later there were massive as hail. They told us that the winds were going at 150 kilometers an hour. It lasted for only like 15-20 minutes luckily. Heaps of people’s flats were destroyed from their broken windows and the heavy rain getting in. We are fine. Nothing happened to us or our flat. This was a huge miracles for us. God is merciful to the poor Brisbane Chinese sisters.

Rodessa’s baptism was perfect. Everything went so smoothly. My favorite part was that Rodessa gave a talk at her baptism. Her testimony was so powerful. Even the investigators that came could feel it. She is going to be a super solid member of the church!

Here’s some pictures finally: At Rodessa’s baptism with Elder Hilyard baptizing. Thanksgiving dinner after the storm. Duck made by Elder Wu. Hale from the storm. Sister Gong and Annie, a recent convert from River Terrace. Our investigator Paul bought us all of these drinks.

Thanks for all of you support! Love you all! Email you all next week!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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