December 15, 2014

Dajia hao!

Haha sorry this is going to be a super short email because I only have 9 minutes left. I was trying to find some good videos to share to our members and investigators.

Let me just copy and paste what I wrote to President Henderson: I felt like everything was upped this week: upped in faith, upped in obedience, upped in diligence. It was a great week. I felt like what really helped was preparation for and the actual Chinese Regional Meeting. This is exactly what I needed to help myself and help those I am working with. It gives me hope that even though I have my down times on my mission, I can get back up somewhere so much higher. This is exactly what I needed. This week was still filled with challenges. We found out that our investigator Lalaine lives in the Brisbane North stake, which is a problem because she is supposed to be baptized in the River Terrace ward. We are going to do a lot of praying to understand how to best help Lalaine in this situation. We also have been having the challenge of not attending Brisbane ward for weeks because almost all of our investigators attend River Terrace. I feel like we are getting a bad reputation among the Brisbane ward members because of that.

Yeah, that sums up like a fraction of our week. Our investigators have been progressing very well. They are really starting to see the hand of God in their life. I am so excited for them to accept the gospel.
Before I forget, I was thinking I can Skype you all 4 p.m. Brisbane time. Hopefully that will work out for all of you. If not, I will probably give you all a call. Christmas day Brisbane time. The next time I can email you all is in two weeks. So crazy! That will be the second to the last time I can email you all!

I forgot to post pictures, but here is the most recent ones I have taken: The first two is for our district Christmas picture. My last district in the mission field. Love them! The next picture is from the Joy to the World activity at the Kangaroo Point chapel. That activity was jam packed! The next picture is of the wise men of Queen St.

Love you all! Keep up the good work! Keep being diligent!


Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan


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