December 31, 2014

Shengdan jie kuai le! Xinnian kuai le! (Merry Christmas! Happy New Years!)

Yeah I don’t know how to type in Chinese on this computer. It has been a crazy time since I last talked to you all. I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote in my letter to President that sums up how it has gone recently:

“I felt like Farhad’s baptismal date moved up was the biggest challenge of my mission. After much pondering, praying, and fasting, I felt like I needed to go through this because God wanted me to learn how to trust. He wanted me to learn to trust that leaders are inspired. Trust Farhad is having a greater conversion experience than I expected. Trust God is preparing a way for Farhad to come unto the fold sooner. Trust my companion and I will work in unity. Trust the ward will make the best, inspired decision. Trust myself that I am doing what God wants me to do. I really do feel like God is teaching me that I need to learn how to trust like God trusts. I feel like this is one of the greatest lessons I will be applying after the mission.

“Thank you for letting me continue to serve in the ABM. I have seen countless miracles, blessings, good times, bad times, challenges, heartaches throughout the mission, and I feel like it was all tailored to me. I definitely have grown into someone closer to who God wants me to become. I love it! I love the people here in the ABM. I wish I can be an eternal missionary in the ABM!”

So what happened was we went to a baptism this past Saturday with our investigator Farhad. The leaders have been fasting to know who can be baptized before the end of the year. Our zone leaders and Chinese training leaders both got a prompting that Brisbane Chinese, Sister Gong and I, are meant to baptize before the end of the year. They then felt like it is Farhad who is meant to be baptized on December 31. At first I was in denial that he is supposed to be baptized on December 31 because I felt like he wouldn’t make it. It took me a lot of pondering and praying that night. That was when those thoughts of trust came to mind. That’s when I felt the peace that Farhad was to be baptized earlier, if not on December 31, sometime in January. He was originally on date for February 14.

Long story short. With a lot of coordinating with the bishop, president, Farhad, other missionary leaders, and God, the date got moved to January 10. I feel at peace with this decision. I get to see Farhad get baptized before I leave!

It was funny because I felt so relaxed with everything until the leaders told me their prompting. I think the Lord saw that I got too complacent, so he kicked me. I felt like this really got me running again.

Something else that I really learned through this experience is how awesome President Henderson is. Sister Gong and I were talking and we figured out how he became CEO of an investment company. When he has an idea, he goes for it. He doesn’t let fear, doubt, or even man stop him. He will only let God stop him. He has a vision and fights for it. He even keeps a positive attitude in everything that he does. Mission presidents deal with all of the dirt and the grime of the mission, yet he still perseveres and stays happy. He’s a spiritual giant. I can’t imagine how much more of a spiritual giant Jesus Christ is. Crazy!

Here’s some pictures: All from the Christmas zone conference on The first picture is of the whole mission, except for the missionaries in the Northern zone. The next picture is of Sister Peterson, Sister Wainwright, me, and Sister Lai.
But yeah, that is mostly everything. Hope you all are doing great. See you in 2 weeks. I will write you one last email next week. Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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