December 8, 2014 (long overdue)

Nimen hao!

I feel like so much has happened last week that I don’t really remember what happened. There were a lot of highs and a lot of lows. I’ll just talk about the highs though.

We got a new initiative from the prophet: share the video “He Is The Gift.” It sounds like President Monson really wants this video to be viral so that everybody throughout the world watches it. He wants all of the missionaries to share with all of our investigators and those we contact to watch this video. It is so good. It really captures the spirit of Christmas and what the greatest gift is. I invite you all to watch it and ponder on the meaning of the video. To me, it helps me know that if we truly understand how much Christ has done for us, we shouldn’t just remember Him during Christmas. We should “embrace” Christ. That means to put Christ in our life all of the time the rest of our life. Share this video with all of your friends because I know for sure that everybody will feel the Spirit as they watch the video. This will bring them even a tiny bit closer to Christ.

Here’s a miracle: Sister Gong and I ended up getting back to Kangaroo Point earlier than we expected. We didn’t want to get home too early so we GQed our way back to the temple where we parked our car. We GQed a guy from Papua New Guinea. He was only going to be in Brisbane for a week because of a class. We had a good chat with him and then we invited him to take a tour around the temple grounds and he accepted. When we were on the temple grounds he started to tear. He told us that everyday he reads the Bible and prays. He told us how today was different. He felt prompted not to read the Bible, but instead go for a walk. That was the time that he ran into us. He told us that he feels like he got that prompting because he was meant to meet us. We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and had a super spiritual lesson on the temple grounds. I know that he felt the strong Spirit that came from the temple. He even just emailed us thanking us. He is definitely a true follower of Christ.

Our investigator, Lalaine came back from Melbourne. We pushed back her date to December 20 because things going on this upcoming Saturday. She is so awesome. She accepted to follow the Word of Wisdom and everything else! She is so prepared. Filipinos are awesome!

I had an interesting experience when I was GQing at the Kangaroo Point overlook last night. I was pondering over how awesome it is to have served in the city for seven transfers. I love it here. I was looking at the city skyline and was thinking about how so much is going on right now in the city. I then turned to the tiny temple of Brisbane. This thought came to mind when I was looking at the temple: “The temple has so much more to offer than the city.” There was then an overwhelming feeling of peace that confirmed how true this is. This gospel, the temple, Jesus Christ has so much to offer than the world. I know it.

Love you all!

Song Jie Mei
Sister Cabamongan

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