Mission Info.

The Australia Brisbane mission boundary

This is the Australia Brisbane mission boundary.

– My mission covers all of Queensland and a tiny bit of New South Wales.

– 70% of the Queensland population is Christian.

– 20,972 Chinese (from mainland China) reside in Brisbane, Australia.

– Brisbane has the largest population of Taiwanese Australians relative to other cities in Australia.

– It can get as cold as 30 degrees in the winter and 100 degrees in the summer. (So kind of like Utah, except humid.)

– Minimum wage in Australia is $16.37, but cost of living is pretty high. Currently, 1 U.S. dollar equals 1.10 Australian dollar (not that much stronger). Therefore, it is very expensive for Americans to live in Australia.

– Australia has some of the deadliest animals.

– Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. There’s a hole in the ozone layer over Australia. As a result, more UV rays hit Australia than in any other place in the world.

To sum everything up, I think this is going to be a crazy/scary/fun/uplifting mission.

* For those who were wondering, the background photo for my blog is of Whitsunday Island off the coast of Queensland.


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